Wednesday, 5 September 2007


so much for keeping up with posting!

I seem to be falling behind with everything this week.

  • I need to take some photos and upload for the Painting with Light course (deadline tomorrow).
  • I need to decide what pasta salad to make for Saturday's all day crop with the Swindon Scrapaholics
  • I need to finish of my 'Work' project
  • I need to catch up with Shimelle's workshop
  • I need to do my Deck of Me (think I'm 2 behind on that one)
  • I need to do a CJ entry

Christopher Columbus!! Seeing all that written down make me want to go home (sod work!) and get on with things. Still DH is out tonight, so I should be able to crack on then!

1 comment:

Dalla Song said...

You sound like me - always too many projects on the go. But we keep doing it eh! :) hope you have a productive time