Thursday, 31 December 2009

The final day…..

of 2009.

I have finished my Christmas Journal which I’m pleased about but can’t upload anymore pics at the moment as my DD has gone off with the camera.  She’s partying the night away in Bristol with her friends (good for her!!)

My BIG news is that my husband and I have separated and he has gone to live elsewhere.  He says there’s no-one else involved but I’m not entirely sure I believe him….time will tell.

The ‘children’ have been very good about it but I’m expecting a backlash further down the line I dare say.  I feel a bit numb at the moment and am functioning on auto-pilot but there will be lots to do and think about in the new year.

  Therefore my word for 2010 is CHANGE.  What’s yours?


Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Eve of Christmas…..

Back on my feet today after a whole day in bed yesterday with a stomach bug!  Every year this happens ~ last year I was in bed on Christmas Day!!  At least it’s over and done with before Christmas Day this year.

Adrian went and got the Turkey breast from Sainsburys yesterday and I thought we were all done with the shopping BUT (best laid plans and all that!) had word from my brother last night who we’re going to visit on the 27th that Gill would like us to bring a salad with us….do I have any salad stuff in???   No, of course not!  DH to the rescue again and off he goes to Sainsburys again this morning to get some salad stuff….now that really is it!

In the meantime, I’ve managed to do a couple more pages for my journal….

If I don’t manage to get another post done before Crimbo…..have a great one everybody!!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow at last….

Dear Diary…..

So sorry for the long absence but have had my mind occupied with one thing and another just lately (more of which in the New Year) and didn’t think I’d finish this journal.  However, having giving myself a kick up the bum have decided to bring it up-to-date and finish it off this year!

Here are the latest pages….some good, some bad!

In other news….. we’ve had a lovely little fall of snow during the night making everything look very festive.  Doesn’t impress my other half as he is a driving instructor!  Glad we’re not travelling anywhere either looking at the chaos on road, rail and airports!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Monday again….

Can’t believe it’s a week since I updated my blog….not very good am I?!

Weekend was good/bad …. had my cyst removed from the back of my neck on Friday and 4 stitches – ouch!  It’s still swollen and uncomfortable but the antibiotics should help I hope.

Went out Saturday night for our ‘girl’s night out’ – it was really good and we all had a fab time.

I’ve had a quick catch up with my Christmas Journal too – so the pages are quite plain ‘cos I haven’t got time to faff about too much.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Smells, films and Secret Santas…

Managed to do three more pages for my Christmas Journal this afternoon as well as cleaning the bathroom and dusting around upstairs….so don’t feel guilty about a little crafting!  LOL

IMG_0916   IMG_0915


I also managed to make a carrot cake yesterday, which is now all gone bar one slice…..and they’re arguing as to who should get that.  So you could say it was a raving success (that, or else they’ll just eat anything!)


Friday, 4 December 2009

Candles and markets….

Here’s another two pages of my Christmas journal ….

IMG_0906  IMG_0909

I’m keeping it fairly simple and straight forward in the hope that I will actually get it finished this year!  The 2nd is about writing my Christmas cards and the 3rd is about the Christmas Market I went to in Bath.

I’ve been very remiss in visiting other blogs and leaving comments and I intend to get onto that over the weekend.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1st December …..

Well here goes then, 1st December and the countdown to Christmas is well on the way now!  I have just completed the first page in my Christmas Journal 09 and am quite pleased with it.  It’s about me putting on the Christmas hold music at work (I work as a Receptionist) and how we could really do with some new music on there.