Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday’s ramblings….

Today, dear readers, we are going to discuss art journaling as I will be starting an online class on 1st March at Polka Dot


IMG_0001 (421 x 600)Now I have been trying to do art journaling for a year or more with very mixed results. One or two pages I like 

but most of them I don’t.  IMG (422 x 600)

Is this because I spend too much time looking at other people’s journals on the internet and in books instead of just ‘going with the flow’? I’m always trying to make my pages look ‘pretty’ or ‘arty’ and when I come to write my actual thoughts down on the page…..I dry up! Surely journaling should really be all about the writing rather than the ‘art work’, but what should I write? Everything and anything? Puerile and important? Past, present, future?

Does anyone else do art journaling and if so do you have any hints and tips? Do you have any links to good websites or blogs?  Thanks for looking.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Funky Friday…..

Friday rolls around again……..hurray!

I’ve got an all-day crop tomorrow which includes two classes and a shop (Total Papercrafts). I can’t wait, I’m really in the scrappin’ mood at the moment, must get myself organised tonight though so I can have an extra half hour in bed in the morning.

Here are Five For Friday…..

M&S Meal DealM&S

TV on Saturday


TV on Sunday


Taking photos


A glass of vino with friends


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Basic biking….

Let me introduce you to my son and his new ‘toy’ ~ his 125cc motorbike!  He’s like ‘the cat that got the cream’ and I’m like the ‘mummy waiting for ‘that’ call’ every time he goes out on it!

Rhys with bike3 Rhys with bike_edited-1  I’ll just hope and pray that he learnt his lesson from the Rhys with bike2car accident he had last year and rides a bit more sensibly than he drove!

Luckily he’s a long way off affording anything bigger for now.



In other news I’m just back from the ‘flicks’ with DD ~ we went to see Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness.  It was quite good but I did feel that Mel is getting a bit too old for these parts anymore.  I’m looking forward to Clash of the Titans, Lovely Bones and Leap Year……coming to a cinema near you soon! 

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Being grateful….

After my last whining post I can (thankfully) report that I’m feeling a lot more positive about life now having spent last night and this morning in the company of my brother and his family.

It always does me good to visit them and see how a real family should be, close, loving, kind, sharing etc.  We had fun last night with food, cocktails and games and then this morning a Walk around Bradford on Avon followed by a hot chocolate and toasted tea cake and a gorgeous little tea room.  I also treated myself to a wonderful scarf with the last of my birthday money!Scarf(600 x 450)

Also, don’t think I showed you the finished invites I did for my Mum & Dad’s anniversary party.

Cards (600 x 450)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Trying Thursday…..

Oh God I’m so fed up and down in the dumps!  I’ve just done two more full days at the most boring job in the world.  Megan has just received her bank statement and is being charged another £75.00 in fees (she won’t be told!!) – there’s a lot of door slamming and crying going on. Rhys still hasn’t found a job although his father thinks he’s found one for him as a double glazing salesman on commission only basis!?!!!

Music (596 x 600)

Trying for a more positive note – I completed this LO a couple of nights ago for Dolly’s 52in10 challenge and I’m quite pleased with it.

I’m also trying to complete 10 party invitations for my Mother who is organising an Emerald Anniversary party for May.  Trouble is, I’m not in the mood now!!

Sorry for such a whining post but it does be good to vent every now and then!

Monday, 1 February 2010


Another full day at work today but hopefully back to part-time as from tomorrow.

It’s my birthday today and although I’m getting too old for them it’s still nice that people remember and I get a few cards and gifts. I got some money from my parents, a DVD from Megan & Rhys, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my brother in Australia, some wine from friends and mother in law and a M&S voucher from work.

 IMG_1332 (600 x 450)IMG_1327 (600 x 450) IMG_1326 (600 x 450)

IMG_1329 (600 x 450)

Tea was made for me by my DD, Megz.  My DS, Rhys is no where to be seen (surprise, surprise!)

Been asked to do some invitations for my Mum & Dad’s Emerald Wedding Anniversary bash and also been asked to do some Order of Service for my nieces wedding. So looks like I’ll be kept busy over the next few weeks.

Just settling down with a glass of vino to watch Corrie.  Cheers!