Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunny Sunday....

I've had a fab week off work including a trip to Ikea, lots of scrapping, and some home decorating ~ and now it's Sunday again and work tomorrow! It doesn't help that the clocks forward last night and I've lost an hours sleep!

Yesterday I was 'home alone' most of the day, which was fine by me! DH was in Wales walking in the rain and wind and came home wet, dirty, frozen and hungery! DS was out yesterday afternoon playing paintballing in the rain and wind.....luckily he was sleeping over his friend's house last night so they had to put up with the results!!

Made a little maze book for my brother's big 50 coming up next month, hope he'll like it.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Pubs and painting....

Dear diary....

Here I am again after a busy weekend which included painting the dining room, cooking sunday lunch for the parents, meeting up with my brother, Nick and his family, shopping and God knows what else. And the worst thing is I've done NO 'crafting' and am now getting withdrawl symptoms!

I don't know why I sign up for these on-line photography courses when I'm so pants at taking the most basic photos. I took some 'group' shots yesterday of the 'kids' and didn't like any of them....I don't know why I bother.

Doesn't look like I'll be getting a new kitchen this side of Armagedon so have just given the kitchen doors two coats of paint and that's it for now!

Megan is sending me emails all the time saying how she doesn't like her job and is counting the minutes 'til home-time! If she leaves this one.....I'm throwing her out on the streets!!!

Took Milo to the 'hairdressers' this morning so must go and pick him up soon........he'll look all nice and neat for two minutes!

Might go to the pictures this afternoon to see 'Love in a time of Cholera' - sounds fun doesn't it? But it supposed to be a really good movie.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wednesday warblings.....

Dear Diary....

(Random photo from my albums!)

Oops missed an entry yesterday......but here I am again today! Not that there's much to report really.

Went to see Vantage Point last night - it was pretty good and better than some I've seen recently!

Hairdresser has just left after colouring my hair........and boy did it need doing!

Tomorrow is the last day at work for a week and a bit as I'm off next week. Woo hoo!!

'We' will be decorating the kitchen/diner starting from tomorrow and hoping to get it finished before fingers crossed.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday mumblings.....

Dear Diary.....

Two entries in two days?!?!? Could it be that I'm getting in the habit at long last? Nah....don't be silly, I'll forget again tomorrow or (more likely) not have anything worth sharing!

Megan starts work tomorrow....turning over a new leaf, a fresh start, tomorrow is the first day....etc. etc. I do hope she likes it there and that she will settle and make new friends. She's getting herself worked up like made tonight and I don't suppose will sleep much. I must give her a big hug later and wish her luck and tell her I still love her!

Did some photos of Mum yesterday for my on-line photo course I'm doing. Fairly pleased with them but must keep practising!

Need to prepare the dining room for decorating this fact it's got to be done and dusted by Sunday when Mum & Dad come around for dinner!?! Good job it's only a small room.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Rainy days.....

What a fab weekend I've had so far. Been to the Swindon Scrapaholix crop yesterday morning where our usual 'shop' was there....Scrapajack. Jak and Debbie very kindly asked me to do a page layout for their website and gave me a beautiful kit to work with! Me a Design Team member?!?!?
Here's a little sneaky peek! I always said Jak and Debs were the best! (I only put that in 'cause Jak reads this blog!) LOL!!

Not long to go now to the Scrapajack retreat (8th May) so better get my thinking head on soon about what to take and what not to take. Will have to ask around 'cos this will be my first retreat I know nothing!

F1 starts back up on our screens today and I do like watching this.....well at least the start and end anyway!

Must away now and visit the parents and then get back to my 'designing'...tee hee!!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Funky Friday....

Been having a good old surf today and came across this excellent site .... and have decided to start on a ME journal. Am I getting too carried away with journals now?? Probably! This will be about the 3rd or 4th one I've started but will I finish any of them?

My best friend, Sue, buried her mother today so I've been thinking of her all day and hoping shes coping OK. She has a large family so I'm sure they'll all support each other even they don't always see eye to eye!

Canceled my trip to the 'nail bar' today as I broke yet another one at's just soooo not worth bothering with even though I really envy peeps with lovely nails!

DS has had a couple of girls calling for him for the past couple of he's gone off out into the dark getting upto God knows what 'til 10pm! I know you have to let them go and he is 16!! BUT....I just hope to God he'll be OK and not get into any trouble either!?!?

Off to do a bit of scrappin' and faffin' about....bye for now!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Catching up.....

Took some more photos today to catch up with the Photo prompt challenge thingy on UKS. Also managed to do some scrapping tonight but it's still drying so will upload tomorrow.

Went to the 'flicks' yesterday to see The Other Boelyn was really good and makes me want to learn more about that period of history. I do love a good period drama!
Also got an invite to my brother's 50th in April....must remember to make an acceptance card.

Monday, 10 March 2008


WOW that was one hell of a stormy night. I awoke at 2am and didn't sleep properly again! Thought we were going to loose the fencing at least but was surprised to see we didn't fair too badly at all. Carried on raining on and off all was dismal.

Work was manic today but luckily I left at 3pm, which is bit better than working all day.

My Craft Robo arrived today which I have bought from someone on UKS.....I'm well pleased with my new toy and have already had a play. I need to find out all it can do instead of just cutting titles though. One step at a time.

I've had a great 'catch up' tonight and have done my E for my Art Journal and two more of my 'art cards' as well.

Can't believe it's only two months until Scrapajack Retreat....that has come around really fast. I better get my butt in gear and start organising myself.

I also need to organise getting the dining room painted before Easter Sunday!?!?!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunny Sunday....

Oh well, falling behind again but then it's not a competition so I'm not gonna sweat it!

I've joined a new project on UKS ~ Photo Scavenger Hunt! Not too intense so should be able to keep up (she says confidently!). Three photos a week from prompts by Mandy. Here's one I've done for my 'catch-ups'....the prompt was 'clear'.
Been working full-time for the past three weeks ~ can't say I'm enjoying it just hope it will be worth it when I see my pay packet! I've told them I'm only going to work 'til 3pm every day and then will give me a chance to get some housework/chores done as well. I hate having to do everything at the weekend!
Megan went for an interview on Thursday and got offered the job on Friday so that's good news for her and us. It's in an office this time instead of retail ~ so she'll be working 'normal' hours no bank holidays, no weekends. Mind you her first 3 or 4 pay packets are ours!!! She owes us that much money!!
Hoping to get to the flicks this week to see The Other Boelyn Girl ~ the book was very good, hope they haven't ruined it. Also looking good is Vantage Point, might drag DH along to that one.
That's it for now ~ hoping to get lots done today so must go!