Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Woeful Wednesday....

I'm sooooo bored!!

I'm at work today my usual 0815 - 1500 which I wouldn't mind doing if there was something useful I could be doing but sitting here trying to look busy is really doing my head in!!!

My darling daughter keeps emailing me from work telling me how bored she is too ~ not helpful at all!

Bit of left over chicken for tea tonight, cunningly disguised as a!

Think I'll get myself a bottle of wine on the way home ~ call me an alcoholic if you must!

Can't find anything interesting to do at the weekend, although if it's going to be pouring like they say it is I'd rather be at home anyway!

Roll on next and im indoors are going away for the weekend to Symonds Yat. It better not be raining then!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Wash day.....

Can't believe it's the weekend again........where did the week go?

Well at least I didn't have to do any dreaded overtime this week but will be doing lots next week!

Me and im indoors booked a little break to Symonds Yat for the end of the month.....he can go walking up hill and down dale and I'll read my book and have a glass of wine!

Managed to get ONE LO done this week, although I was busy doing 10 ATC's for a swap I'm in on UKS.

Nothing exciting lined up for this weekend and have the dreaded accounts to do later today.....ugh! Oh well, back to it then.

Monday, 12 May 2008


Back from the Scrapajack Retreat .....

Had a great time, it was really great to meet the faces behind the names. It was really very well organised ~ Jaks and Debs did a fantastic job! The hotel was great, the classes were brilliant, the challenges were challenging, the food was marvelous and the company was fantastic!!

Here are some LO's I did at the retreat ~ they are three of the classes I did. I've learnt loads this passed weekend ~ the teachers were great.

Can't go to the next retreat in the Autumn but do hope they do another one next spring ~ I shall be there for sure!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Back soon.....

Woo hoo............the day has nearly arrived!

Off to the ScrapaJack Retreat at Stratford upon Avon tomorrow morning, meeting lots of new people and having tons of fun and laughs and learning lots of new stuff.

I'll be back late Saturday and will blog again Sunday ~ hopefully with lots of lovely stuff to share!

Monday, 5 May 2008


Well, I might have know really ~ she failed her MOT! £170+ to fix it. Not surprised I suppose seen as how she had been used as a learner drivers car for a while. Oh well, best bite the bullet and get it done.

Was pretty stressed out yesterday over the forthcoming ScrapaJack Retreat.....I was trying to print some relevant photos in the correct shape and size and colour and theme!!! My new Epsom printer is not my best friend and we just don't see eye to eye on most things! Grrrrr.

Off to Dobbies Garden Centre with the 'old folk' today to get them out of the house and ease my conscience a bit. Megan is now tagging along as well ~God knows why!

Rhys has been 'missing' most of the weekend around his mates house....haven't seen him since Saturday.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

MOT day....

Let's hope my Little Red Riding Hood passes her test today......can do without any extra expense thank you!

Looks like 'we' are seriously thinking of going on a cruise in September now. His accountant was around Tuesday night and it looks like we're on course for a not too steep tax bill this time and when we get the cheque from his accident (waaayyy back in December) we should be OK. So I've been doing some investigating.....and think we're going to go with Thompson Cruises around the Med!