Wednesday, 27 February 2008

27th February......

And I haven't posted on here in ages again!!!

Well, life goes on with all it's ups and downs.......

We're still trying to re-mortgage but it takes forever.
Adrian's still waiting to hear back about compensation for his accident but it takes forever.
Megan is in BIG trouble at work which may or may not be resolved this week.

I've started an 'Art Journal'.........dunno why just wanted to and 'cos I have time on my hands at work to 'play' when no-one's looking.

Going to the Scrapaholics Roadshow this Saturday and doing a couple of classes so looking forward to that. Just ordered another American Crafts D ring album for my scrappin' 'cos they are just soooo convenient instead of 'faffing' about with screws or straps! Must stop buying though or 'im indoors will have a hissy fit.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

hugs to you, will miss you Sat but ahh you know, Mickey awaits LOL

Have a great time

Jak x