Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunny Sunday....

Oh well, falling behind again but then it's not a competition so I'm not gonna sweat it!

I've joined a new project on UKS ~ Photo Scavenger Hunt! Not too intense so should be able to keep up (she says confidently!). Three photos a week from prompts by Mandy. Here's one I've done for my 'catch-ups'....the prompt was 'clear'.
Been working full-time for the past three weeks ~ can't say I'm enjoying it just hope it will be worth it when I see my pay packet! I've told them I'm only going to work 'til 3pm every day and then will give me a chance to get some housework/chores done as well. I hate having to do everything at the weekend!
Megan went for an interview on Thursday and got offered the job on Friday so that's good news for her and us. It's in an office this time instead of retail ~ so she'll be working 'normal' hours no bank holidays, no weekends. Mind you her first 3 or 4 pay packets are ours!!! She owes us that much money!!
Hoping to get to the flicks this week to see The Other Boelyn Girl ~ the book was very good, hope they haven't ruined it. Also looking good is Vantage Point, might drag DH along to that one.
That's it for now ~ hoping to get lots done today so must go!

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Linda said...

Good news about the job! I hope you enjoy the film - I really like the Phillipa Gregory novels.