Monday, 5 May 2008


Well, I might have know really ~ she failed her MOT! £170+ to fix it. Not surprised I suppose seen as how she had been used as a learner drivers car for a while. Oh well, best bite the bullet and get it done.

Was pretty stressed out yesterday over the forthcoming ScrapaJack Retreat.....I was trying to print some relevant photos in the correct shape and size and colour and theme!!! My new Epsom printer is not my best friend and we just don't see eye to eye on most things! Grrrrr.

Off to Dobbies Garden Centre with the 'old folk' today to get them out of the house and ease my conscience a bit. Megan is now tagging along as well ~God knows why!

Rhys has been 'missing' most of the weekend around his mates house....haven't seen him since Saturday.

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Linda said...

Ouch - that will make a dent in the scrapbooking supply fund!

Hope you manage to sort out your photos for the retreat where I'm sure you'll have great fun.