Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Woeful Wednesday....

I'm sooooo bored!!

I'm at work today my usual 0815 - 1500 which I wouldn't mind doing if there was something useful I could be doing but sitting here trying to look busy is really doing my head in!!!

My darling daughter keeps emailing me from work telling me how bored she is too ~ not helpful at all!

Bit of left over chicken for tea tonight, cunningly disguised as a!

Think I'll get myself a bottle of wine on the way home ~ call me an alcoholic if you must!

Can't find anything interesting to do at the weekend, although if it's going to be pouring like they say it is I'd rather be at home anyway!

Roll on next and im indoors are going away for the weekend to Symonds Yat. It better not be raining then!


Linda said...

There's nothing worse than being bored at work when you know you could be doing so much more at home. Hope you find something interesting to do at the weekend.
Linda x

Jackie said...

Mary, miss chatting ;)

Hope you have a great BH weekend hun, hugs, Jak x

Jackie said...

Mary, youve been awarded the weblog award (see my blog for the piccie to upload) now get updating mrs!

Havent seen your scrap the 25th update on here yet :)

Jak x