Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow at last….

Dear Diary…..

So sorry for the long absence but have had my mind occupied with one thing and another just lately (more of which in the New Year) and didn’t think I’d finish this journal.  However, having giving myself a kick up the bum have decided to bring it up-to-date and finish it off this year!

Here are the latest pages….some good, some bad!

In other news….. we’ve had a lovely little fall of snow during the night making everything look very festive.  Doesn’t impress my other half as he is a driving instructor!  Glad we’re not travelling anywhere either looking at the chaos on road, rail and airports!


Sian said...

Keep going Mary! We're nearly there (says the girl who is on the computer instead of finishing her own pages)

Lizzie said...

You're almost there now Mary, so keep up the good work!

I admire all you JYC folks. I couldn't have kept up at all!