Saturday, 31 October 2009

Strictly Saturday….

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to order a few CD Calendar Cases on-line.  You can have 200 or 500 but if you just want 5 or 10 you’ve had it!  Anyhoo… got some ordered (20 minimum order)from a company called Jetcase, just hope Postman Pat can find it in his heart to deliver them before Christmas!!  Grrrr!

Was in town at the crack of sparrows this morning with Megz…..I hate Swindon town centre these days, they seem to be making a right mess of it everywhere you look.  I bought a new mascara, some jazzy tights and   some pretty papers!  Oh and also some sweets for the trick or treaters tonight……if we get any.  Didn’t have anyone come calling last year.


Can’t wait for Monday to roll around so we can start out Blogging for Scrapbookers class with Shimelle.  Thanks very much to everyone who has been leaving comments it’s much appreciated!


Lisa said...

i love how you have used another font in your post! any tricks?

Mary said...

for anyone who would like to know about fonts or tilting photos - I use Windows Live Writer, it's amazing!!

helena said...

what a great selection of papers you bought - love the colours.

great rabbit photos in the earlier post.

when I was feeling down earlier this month I started a very easy 'happy moment notebook' in a post here


Hello just popped in to say Hi!!!
I am so looking forward to monday too!!!

jo said...

I love the fonts you have used - and how some of your pics are at angles. Not heard of Live Writer.