Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The sun is shining…..

What a lovely day it’s turned out to be!  Started off IMG_0626.jpg sunny day picture by scarymary555quite murky and grey but the sun broke through and it was a lovely afternoon, very warm! 




Day started off with my dreaded sebaceous cyst leaking, IMG_0635.jpg picture by scarymary555so DH had a go at it and quite a lot of puss came out….yewww!  I can’t wait to be rid of the bloody thing!! 


Bought a copy of Scrapbook Inspirations today as I believe it is ceasing publication so I thought I’d get one last issue.  It’s not a mag I buy religiously (in fact I don’t buy any religiously) but it is a good mag and will be missed from the shelves I’m sure.

Have started to comment on Facebook again as I got out of the habit and it’s quite a good way of keeping up with friends and family (if I remember!).  

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