Thursday, 17 January 2008


Had a very fitful night's sleep last night. Strange, morbid dreams. Kept waking up too, which isn't like me. Needless to say I'm very tired this morning and have to work all day to cover for holiday. Grrr.

Went to see 'PS I Love You' with Sue at the flicks yesterday afternoon. It was OK but not really my cup of tea - too much of chick flick.

Sue seems to have changed a lot or is it me or is it that I'm just too sensitive these days??? We always used to be such good friends but she seems very much wrapped up in her own little world with not a care about how anyone else is. She seems very self centred and has a bit of a 'martyr syndrome' going on about her mother. Oh well I'll wait and see what she's like after her mother has gone........have a feeling that I won't be hearing much from her after that.

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