Friday, 25 April 2008

It's Friday and we're off.......

The first day of the Cybercrop weekend over on UKS and I love getting all excited about these things......sad I know but so what!
I'm planning on being in my PJ's most of the weekend with everyone else fending for themselves I'm afraid! I haven't gone to mad this year buying lots of stash but hope to still be able to join in and do lots of classes and challenges with what I already have.
Mum's birthday tomorrow but she's going down to my brothers so I have to pop over and see her after work today and take her pressie and card.
Rhys was at the dentist this morning for an emergency appointment ~ he has an abcess which had to be drained and temp filling put in 'til Monday. So unplanned time off work but couldn't be helped.
Only two weeks to go 'til ScrapaJacks Retreat too............something else to look forward to!!