Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Is it just me.....

or does anyone else like quirky, silly things like this bird plant pot holder that I've just bought in TK Maxx??? I just had to have it, it's fab!! 'Course 'im indoors will think I'm 'barking' and moan about me wasting money on trash but it makes me HAPPY so sod ya!
Finally got the house re-mortgaged (took nearly 3 months!) so can may off the loans and credit card and start again. May even get a holiday this year dependant on what my bonus is like in May.
Have bought the 'thing' that I've got to alter for the Scrapajack Retreat in May........just got to figure out what to do now!


Jackie said...

You could always alter that bird into something pretty LOL
**blows raspberrys**

Jak x

Mary B said...

Oh I love it just as it is doesn't need prettying up at all he is cute lol
**blowing raspberrys back to Jackie**

Mary said...

Thank you Mary.....just noticed this rude comment!! **blows raspberries back at you Jak**

Jackie said...

**double blown raspberries**

nah nah nah nah nah :P