Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Oh joy.....

Don't you just love it when you've spent ages on a project and actually like it - a lot!?!? Well' I've spent about four hours this afternoon/evening on making an album for Shimelle's class for the cybercrop over on UKS......and I love it.

I was naughty and bought some new papers (which I told myself I wouldn't!) but other than that I've used bits of cardboard covered in material for the covers and my own stash for everything else. I used Basic Grey Figgy Pudding and am really pleased that they don't look 'Christmasy' at all! Can't wait to see what every one else's looks like!

Other than that it's the same old, same old....work's a drag, TV's a bore ..........TG for my hobby!! Not long until Scrapajack's Retreat and there's the CC this weekend too.....woo hoo!


Jackie said...

I have to say, Im not understanding the CC class calender at all.

Are we putting pics on the top and bottom when the calender (altho Im improvising) is open, iygwim

Great project tho and Im lookimg forward to taking part

Bunnymommy said...

Oooh it looks yummy!!! Need to see the whole thing! Not that I'm nosey and impatient you understand:)

Latharia said...

Those papers look delicious!!! :D