Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day two…..

of Shimelle’s prompts for a better, more informative blog!

This afternoon we had a rather nasty surprise or should I say Dexter did ~ poor fella!  Luckily Adrian happened to be looking out the kitchen window when he spotted a dog chasing Dexter around the back garden.  He went out to shoo the dog off and I managed to catch Dexter and brought him indoors to see if he was OK, which luckily he was.  After a little hug and IMG_0676some soothing words he settled down for a little  while on the settee beside me.  Adrian found out that the dog belonged to a workman working two doors down from us who wasn’t keeping an eye on him whilst he was working…grrrr.

I’ve decided not to go down the layout route for this project at the moment and just concentrate on the blogging aspect of Shim’s class.


Anthea said...

Oh poor Dexter! I hope he's feeling better after his adventure. I'm not going to do the LO's either. I want to concentrate on the blogging aspect and with Christmas preparations in full swing the added pressure of doing a LO is not what I want right now. Enjoy the class! I'm loving reading everyone's blogs!

Elizabeth said...

Poor bunny! Sorry he was so scared. As far as blogging goes, sometimes I just blog and other times I post photos. Since I don't do layout with children in them, I at least feel safe about that part. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Polly said...

Oh, he's such a little cutie - really glad he's OK after the nasty experience.

Anonymous said...

just hopped over from shimelles class so glad dexter is ok

Sharyn said...

What a cute little guy! Glad he's ok!

Mary B said...

Poor Dexter indeed glad he was OK
Do like the way you have twisted the photo will have to find out how to do that.