Tuesday, 17 November 2009


A thousand apologies to any of my followers have been waiting for my next post but I’ve been feeling a bit down recently but am trying to drag myself out of the doldrums and didn’t want to inflict my woes on you.

I’m off our with DH tonight to see 2012 (I’m in the mood for a good ‘end of the world’ movie) LOL.  DH doesn’t usually do movies but wanted to see this one……I hope it’s good ~ will let you know tomorrow when I’m going to do a catching up post.


Cheri said...

I loved the movie. It was long but didn't feel like it. Hope you enjoy.

Kim said...

Have oodddles of fun!!!

Heather said...

Mary you dont have to blog every day & you certainly shouldnt feel its a duty as thats when things start to feel like a chore!!
Glad you are happier with the world though - I know exactly how you feel :)