Saturday, 30 January 2010

Arts and crafts….

Been a long time again but I have been working full time this week in my defence!  Been too shattered and lacking in time to update my poor blog.

Anyhoo…’s what I’ve been doing lately IMG_1297 (600 x 450) starting and even IMG_1305 (600 x 450)finishing one or IMG_1296 (600 x 450)two or three IMG_1306 (600 x 450)

pages of my art journals. I’m loving this last one the bestest and I’m not sure where I’m going with the green one but am sure to get some inspiration from the wonderful pages on Flickr.

In other news, I’ve had to buy myself a new kettle and although I didn’t really need one, I had to have the matching toaster too!

IMG_1302 (600 x 450) IMG_1304 (600 x 450)




Lizzie said...

Interesting pages. I like the third one best!

New kettles always need the matching toaster... Yummy toast! That's what I'll have for lunch!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Those 'Art Journal' pages look interesting...what are you journalling? 2010? I haven't come across 'Art Journaling' before!!

I'm in agreement with Lizzie...Kettle & Toaster really do need to match!!!

:) x