Monday, 4 January 2010

Not a good start….

to the New Year!  I’ve been feeling lousy for a couple of days now cold/flu but thought I should go into work today as it’s the first day back after two weeks shutdown.  Big mistake ~ feel even worse now and am not going into work tomorrow, don’t care what they say!  Ever coughed so much that your ribs hurt?  Ever feel like your nose is gonna fall off any minute?

Anywho…..I managed to do a double LO to finish off my 2009 album before I fell foul of the lurge.

There are so many new challenges for the New Year out there at the moment that I’m at a bit of a loss as to which one(s) to commit to ~ how about you guys?  Have you decided to sign up for any yet?


Scrappi Sandi said...

Sorry to hear you're suffering! I can empathise as I've had a fluey cold since Christmas day & have gone to work because I feel it looks so bad to take time off at Christmas!! No-one thinks any more of you fact I was told off for being 2mins late! Talk about the season of goodwill!! Anyhow...wish you better & well done on completing all looks fab!! I've just signed up for '52 Walks 2010' so hope to be out and about with my camera at least once a week this year!!

Lizzie said...

Poor you! It's a tough one, being ill in the Christmas holiday and having to decide if you can cope with work, or whether they will believe you're not just skiving if you call in sick. And then feeling awful at work and no-one seeming to notice.
I would stay home and drink plenty of nice warm fruit squash. Hope you are well again soon.