Sunday, 10 January 2010

Inspiration wanted….please apply within!

All this talk of a New Year and goals and aims and resolutions…….I can’t get enthusiastic about it at all.  I did choose a word for the year….change.  But that was just a knee jerk reaction to my recent change in circumstances….I doubt very much if things will change much this year unless I make an effort to change them.

  BUT HOW!?!!

I think one of my aims must be to get out of this house more before I become a complete hermit.

I should get more organised both in my personal life and with my scrapbooking too.

Here’s my first LO for 52 in 10 challenge on IMG_1169Dolly’s blog.  Quite pleased with it but hate photos of me!

Oh well, back to work tomorrow if we’re not snowed in tonight!


Photographing Mom said...

Great layout.
Hugs for the hard time you are experiencing!

Scrappi Sandi said...

That's one great LO...on the subject of getting you attend any crops? I go to one a month & find spending quality time with like minded 'scrappy' people very therapeutic & lots of inspiration on offer too!!

Lizzie said...

I suppose Change is really something that is being forced on you, rather than what you have chosen. You can have some control over it, but maybe not enough to feel it's a "Resolution" or "Word for the Year".
Making sure you go out and make connections with others is a very good plan though. It will help to keep you sane, and give you a more balanced perspective on life.
I agree with Sandi that crops are a good way to relax. You are with people who like to do something you like and who are usually (in my own experience) generous and friendly. It's not usually too expensive either - if you're close to home anyway!
I hope your year of change is not as bad as you fear and that you can find some ways to enjoy yourself and not be a "hermit".

Mary said...

Thanks for your lovely comments ladies and yes, I do go to a crop twice a month which I really enjoy but do feel the need to do something different as well. ;-)