Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Basic biking….

Let me introduce you to my son and his new ‘toy’ ~ his 125cc motorbike!  He’s like ‘the cat that got the cream’ and I’m like the ‘mummy waiting for ‘that’ call’ every time he goes out on it!

Rhys with bike3 Rhys with bike_edited-1  I’ll just hope and pray that he learnt his lesson from the Rhys with bike2car accident he had last year and rides a bit more sensibly than he drove!

Luckily he’s a long way off affording anything bigger for now.



In other news I’m just back from the ‘flicks’ with DD ~ we went to see Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness.  It was quite good but I did feel that Mel is getting a bit too old for these parts anymore.  I’m looking forward to Clash of the Titans, Lovely Bones and Leap Year……coming to a cinema near you soon! 

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Ooooh! I know what you mean...I dread the day my boys are old enough for moped licences!!! Do you know...I have loved Mel Gibson for EONS...but when I saw the trailer for 'Edge of Darkness' it shocked me how he is, all of a sudden, showing his age!! Mind you he's still lovely! I too can't wait for 'The lovely Bones'...such a fab book!