Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday’s ramblings….

Today, dear readers, we are going to discuss art journaling as I will be starting an online class on 1st March at Polka Dot


IMG_0001 (421 x 600)Now I have been trying to do art journaling for a year or more with very mixed results. One or two pages I like 

but most of them I don’t.  IMG (422 x 600)

Is this because I spend too much time looking at other people’s journals on the internet and in books instead of just ‘going with the flow’? I’m always trying to make my pages look ‘pretty’ or ‘arty’ and when I come to write my actual thoughts down on the page…..I dry up! Surely journaling should really be all about the writing rather than the ‘art work’, but what should I write? Everything and anything? Puerile and important? Past, present, future?

Does anyone else do art journaling and if so do you have any hints and tips? Do you have any links to good websites or blogs?  Thanks for looking.


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love art journaling but am still learning about it. My favorite art journaling classes so far have been with Dina Wakley at Get it Scrapped. If you check out my blog, I had a post recently called "Let's talk Art Journaling" which covered my thoughts. Good luck with your journey!

Lizzie said...

Good luck with the class, Mary!

Have you seen Jane Dean's Art Journalling - it's something to behold.. such colour and texture.. so fun! (Her blog link is in the list on my blog).

I like the two pages you showed in your post - a great starting point, don't you think?