Friday, 14 March 2008

Funky Friday....

Been having a good old surf today and came across this excellent site .... and have decided to start on a ME journal. Am I getting too carried away with journals now?? Probably! This will be about the 3rd or 4th one I've started but will I finish any of them?

My best friend, Sue, buried her mother today so I've been thinking of her all day and hoping shes coping OK. She has a large family so I'm sure they'll all support each other even they don't always see eye to eye!

Canceled my trip to the 'nail bar' today as I broke yet another one at's just soooo not worth bothering with even though I really envy peeps with lovely nails!

DS has had a couple of girls calling for him for the past couple of he's gone off out into the dark getting upto God knows what 'til 10pm! I know you have to let them go and he is 16!! BUT....I just hope to God he'll be OK and not get into any trouble either!?!?

Off to do a bit of scrappin' and faffin' about....bye for now!

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