Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday mumblings.....

Dear Diary.....

Two entries in two days?!?!? Could it be that I'm getting in the habit at long last? Nah....don't be silly, I'll forget again tomorrow or (more likely) not have anything worth sharing!

Megan starts work tomorrow....turning over a new leaf, a fresh start, tomorrow is the first day....etc. etc. I do hope she likes it there and that she will settle and make new friends. She's getting herself worked up like made tonight and I don't suppose will sleep much. I must give her a big hug later and wish her luck and tell her I still love her!

Did some photos of Mum yesterday for my on-line photo course I'm doing. Fairly pleased with them but must keep practising!

Need to prepare the dining room for decorating this fact it's got to be done and dusted by Sunday when Mum & Dad come around for dinner!?! Good job it's only a small room.

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Jackie said...

Love the layouts and dont you look like your mum x