Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wednesday warblings.....

Dear Diary....

(Random photo from my albums!)

Oops missed an entry yesterday......but here I am again today! Not that there's much to report really.

Went to see Vantage Point last night - it was pretty good and better than some I've seen recently!

Hairdresser has just left after colouring my hair........and boy did it need doing!

Tomorrow is the last day at work for a week and a bit as I'm off next week. Woo hoo!!

'We' will be decorating the kitchen/diner starting from tomorrow and hoping to get it finished before fingers crossed.


Jackie said...

Good luck with the decorating hun!

I think Im off down to Essex for the weekend to catch up with one of my babies and talk weddings, which will be fun.

Have a good one!

Jak x

Bunnymommy said...

Have fun decorating x

Anonymous said...

See here or here