Sunday, 16 March 2008

Rainy days.....

What a fab weekend I've had so far. Been to the Swindon Scrapaholix crop yesterday morning where our usual 'shop' was there....Scrapajack. Jak and Debbie very kindly asked me to do a page layout for their website and gave me a beautiful kit to work with! Me a Design Team member?!?!?
Here's a little sneaky peek! I always said Jak and Debs were the best! (I only put that in 'cause Jak reads this blog!) LOL!!

Not long to go now to the Scrapajack retreat (8th May) so better get my thinking head on soon about what to take and what not to take. Will have to ask around 'cos this will be my first retreat I know nothing!

F1 starts back up on our screens today and I do like watching this.....well at least the start and end anyway!

Must away now and visit the parents and then get back to my 'designing'...tee hee!!


willowthewysp said...

Great news on the kit Mary....dont be so shocked..your work is fabby:)

Jackie said...

totally agree willow.

and never mind saying we are the best cos I read your blog! cheeky!

You know you love us! we are gonna have such a blast at the retreat, Im really looking forward to it.

Dont forget to put your camera on your packing list xx

Linda said...

Well done Mary - look forward to seeing what you create with the kit, which looks fab!